Author: Marjorie Doering

Category: Mysteries

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The wife of a prominent Minneapolis executive is found dead in the couple’s secluded summer home. Not just dead—murdered. The crime scene is uglier than most.Put in charge of the case, Ray Schiller of the Widmer, Minnesota P.D. follows the evidence directly to the Twin Cities and the new widower. Unraveling Paul Davis’s carefully guarded personal life threatens the executive’s bid for the imminent opening for the presidency of ACC, the prestigious corporation founded and run by his father-in-law.Ray’s tenacity turns up more suspects, but with lethal results. Their greed, ambition and loathing erupt in deadly in-fighting. Just as it seems the case is about to come to a sudden, unpredictable end, a shooting incident lands Ray in a situation, which could destroy his marriage as well as his law enforcement career.Ray battles back only to learn the devil is in the details, and the details aren’t what anyone expected.