Author: H. B. Rae

Category: Mysteries

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Nothing is ever as it first seems and things don’t always work out as planned when one is dealing with a murder mystery.When Tommy Fokler is found dead in his apartment after a date with the “most amazing girl on Earth”, his friend Mike takes on the responsibility of finding the murderer.

When Arnold Banks is found dead in his house a few days later, the whole town is thrown in an upheaval.

And then there’s the matter of the one link between the two murder victims: their jobs.

Determined to find out just what is going on with a certain building company, Mike locks horns with Detective Cole and soon comes up with the most unlikely theory of all.

From a jilted assassin who was kidnapped when she was a teen, to a manager with lavish taste, to the arrest of a concerned elderly neighbor. Nobody in this town feels safe.

And it’s up to Detective Cole and his nosy sidekick Mike to find out just who wanted Tommy and Arnold dead.

And soon the question changes from ‘Who is the murderer?’ to ‘Who is the murderess?’ After all, guys aren’t the only rotten apples out there.

Will Detective Cole and Mike find a way to help solve the murder mysteries and identify the “most amazing girl on Earth”? Are they really willing to pay the price for their decisions? Who can they really trust?

Find out all these answers and more in ‘Mystery: Dead Men Don’t Talk – Suspense Thriller Mystery’ by author H. B. Rae.