Author: Lisa Robinson

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Are You Ready to Find the Love of Your Life? Learn How to Attract the Right Person For You!
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Have you been longing to find that one person you really connect with and one whom you can start a lasting relationship?
When you download Dating: Law of Attraction- The Secret to Finding Love and Relationships, your understanding of how to attract the right person moves to the front of your consciousness and allows for the law of attraction to take effect! You will learn about the the most important aspects that attract others, in general, and especially in dating.
Publisher's Note: This 1st edition of Dating: Law of Attraction has easy to read and implement content to make dating more enjoyable and finding the one right for you easier!
These essential steps will transform the complexities of dating and finding relationships to an enjoyable experience while making you a better person in the meantime. You'll be happy you read this a year from now as you will learn proven techniques that attracts others to you.Just some of the topics covered include:

How do you build your self confidence?
The Must Dos to Get the Person Right for You
How do you find the perfect date?
Getting Over the Mental War and Past Baggage of Relationships
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This book is great for anyone that is tired of the “empty dating pool”, “the games”, and “the rules” and just wants to find that special someone.
Download Dating: Law of Attraction now, and the road to finding your next love!
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