Author: Nathan Roden

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Wylie has a secret admirer. One of the biggest pop stars in the world wants to throw her influence behind his career and make him a star. If only it was that simple...The talented and vivacious Skyler KwyK might have more than music in mind.Wylie already has a girlfriend. He fell in love with Holly McFadden at first sight, after she followed an ancient Scottish castle all the way to Branson, Missouri. Holly is no ordinary girl. She sees ghosts. And because of her, Wylie sees them, too.Back in Scotland, a deranged psychopath knows about the ghosts of Castle McIntyre. He was not sure who held the key to communicating with the dead. Until now.Wylie is learning that the ghost sight is a blessing and a curse. Holly has known this since she was a little girl. What neither of them knows...Is that some will kill to have it.Wylie Westerhouse: The Dark Stage is the second book in the paranormal fantasy series. The Dark Stage includes a sneak peek at book three of the Wylie Westerhouse Series. The Lightning's Kiss is available now.