Author: Maya Moss

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Emily is a final year criminology student at university whose life on campus is starting to get rough and rocky. She’s having reoccurring nightmares about the presence of spirits in the university library. The mystery deepens when an unexpected package of criminology and necromancy books arrives at her dorm room door. The beautifully bound criminology books are a nice surprise, but the strange books on the spirit world and necromancy make Emily uneasy. Who sent this bizarre present? And what do they want with her?On top of this, Emily has to deal with the mysterious disappearance of her roommate Grace, as well as strange occurrences at the university library. Thinking that all this can’t be a coincidence Emily joins forces with new friend Jamie and starts her own investigation around campus. Each person she talks to only serves to present more questions instead of answers. Where is Grace and why did she leave at the beginning of the semester? Are the rumors true about ghosts in the university library? Is there a connection between Emily’s strange dreams and the stack of necromancy books that were mysteriously delivered to her door? Who is the green-eyed woman in the library and what does she want?A combination of mystery, dark fantasy and supernatural thriller, ‘The Dark’ delves into the murky depths of the spirit world, exploring the strange and the just plain bizarre. When Emily’s previously normal life gets this dark, how will she ever find her way back to the light?