Author: Kourtney King

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: January 24, 2016

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ValerieWho knew that sitting at a bar trying to drown my sorrows would have turned to this? He’s easy on the eyes but he’s not perfect, he is what I needed to detox that coward I gave my effort, time and love to. The way he controls my body releases my mind from thoughts and feelings I want to forget. He’s dangerous, I should never have gone home with him in the first place but my body doesn’t know how to tell him NO. I’m trying to forget him but he refuses to let go.


I needed a drink that night but what she offered me was stronger than anything I’ve ever tasted. No matter how many times I take her, dominate her, use her to exorcise my frustrations, it’s never enough. I want more of her, I’m not sure how much but I will take until I’m satisfied. If she thinks she can write me off, she is sadly mistaken. I always get what I want and my sights are set on her – my sweet angel, Val.