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A Kids Picture Book About France

Jasmine Williams is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. This easy reading book for children contains fun facts about France in detail among the content of, All About France.This delightful picture book for children, ages about 4-10, contains a variety of... read more

Dessert Cookbook

Do you want something sweet? Maybe a cup of coffee with delicious brownies for you and your loved ones? Or perhaps you are looking for something to treat your children? Take a look at this cookbook! Baking, brownies, cookies, puddings and ice-cream – we have it all!... read more

Prevent & Control

All you need to know about controlling reversing insulin resistance is inside this book! We do not write you about the insulin types or insulin levels! You know about it because you are looking for proven and high-quality recipes that lead you to your normal insulin... read more

50 Exercises for Dog Training in 7 Days

Just like humans, exercises are very important for dogs, regardless of their age and breed. However, there are certain considerations that must be made when choosing the ideal exercises for dogs. These include the health condition as well as mental and physical state... read more

Jacob’s Secret

Many years ago there was a small quiet village surrounded by mountains. It was a village of merchants. People used to sell animals like hens and pigs, spices like pepper and salt and fabrics that women made by hand. There also was a beautiful river where the animals... read more

The Loving Cowboy

After the biggest tragedy of Charlotte life, she finds herself in an unwinnable situation. She is now on the run from the law and they are closing in quickly. Through fate, Charlotte crosses paths with a handsome man who has his own skeletons. Together, they start on... read more

Mastering IPhone 7 and IOS 10 in 8 Hours

If you own or wish to purchase the IPhone 7 one of the world renowned mobile device with outstanding and creative innovation. This amazing and outstanding book “Mastering iPhone 7 and iOS 10 in 8 Hours”, contains lots of exciting and useful content to help you... read more

I Want a Puppy or a Dog

Do you have a child who is begging for a puppy or a dog? Or your family just adopted one? If so, here is the lively and fun chapter book for preteens ages 8 to 12 about how to choose and give good care to their new FFF — furry forever friend. Covers all the... read more

Into the Shadows

Awarded FIVE STAR BADGE from ‘READERS FAVOURITE’ and SHORTLISTED for UK NOVEL WRITING COMPETITION 2017Lily Crossways lives a controlled life, where she ensures she never experiences hurt or disappointment. Until, that is, she returns home from a short... read more

Knights of Stone: Mason

Few have ever dared to cross the boundaries–until now… With a quarter century of burning hatred between the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone, Kayla knows all too well it is forbidden to cross boundaries. But that doesn’t keep her from being sorely... read more

The Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Prepare to be frightened…very frightened by these extraordinarily scary places most of us probably never knew existed!The world around us is a scary place. With danger lurking around so many corners, the threats we can explain are often easily quantified and... read more

The Whole of the Moon

Decisions can change a life… or take it.Conor Doyle is a haunted man. In the winter of 1988, he returns from London to his old home town in Western Ireland, hoping to find a reason to stay. What he thought would be a joyful reunion becomes something more, as... read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Archangels

Have you ever felt there might be a presence watching over you? Have you ever tried to reach beyond the veil of typical human comprehension in an effort to understand the supernatural? Discover who your Archangel is and how to invoke ArchangelsDownload FREE with... read more

A Foodie’s Guide to Tuscany

No-where is the love of life taken more seriously than in Tuscany, Italy. ‘La dolce vita’ is like a mantra here, and a life lived well is something that all Tuscans strive for. Stunning scenery, ancient culture, some of the best art in the World, Tuscany really does... read more

Ten Days in August

From the Lower East Side to uptown Manhattan, a curious detective searches for clues on the sidewalks of New York—and finds a secret world of forbidden love that’s too hot to handle…   New York City, 1896. As the temperatures rise, so does the crime rate. At the peak... read more

7 Signs You Will Be Rich

Wealth: nearly everyone wants it, but few people actually know what they need to do in order to get it. Becoming rich takes a combination of luck, skill, and patience. To get rich, you’ll need to set yourself on a path that leads to a monetarily enriching... read more

Future City Blues

Genehunter. Assassin. Private eye. Three Stories from Three Different Futures: The Wrong Tom Jacks by Simon Kewin, Tripler: The Beginning by Neil Vogler, and Doppelgänger’s Curse by Milo James Fowler read more

Southern Kitchen Cookbook

Bring the soulful goodness of Southern cuisine to your table! Your family and friends will love you for it.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!We are all familiar with foods that are particularly “Southern” – fried chicken, jambalaya, collard greens, biscuits, and... read more

Reflection of Love

Reflection of Love – A gripping heart-warming romantic tale of honor, forgiveness and hope set deep within today’s marine culture. Things aren’t going very well for nineteen-year-old marine brat, Alice Tanner. She’s four months pregnant, suffering from severe... read more

The Trojan Project

A peaceful night is disturbed as a strange light rises from behind the Cheviot Hills, and a green mist descends across the valley. Its swirling tendrils, seeming to bear a life of their own as they snake across the land, can only be an omen of something sinister and... read more

Minutes Before Sunset

Two destinies. One death. Eric Welborn isn’t completely human, but he isn’t the only shade in the small Midwest town of Hayworth. With one year left before his eighteenth birthday, Eric is destined to win a long-raging war for his kind. But then she happens. In the... read more

Online Dating

Online dating is communication, which not only promises positive emotions but also conceals really dangerous threats. Online-scammers turned romantic acquaintances into some form of “art,” whose goal is to profit from one of the most vulnerable needs of... read more
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