Author: David Weiss

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In "The Everyday Remember; Holocaust Legacy" readers learned about the full lives of Holocaust Survivors Jack and Genia Grinbaum. This new book "Escaping Death, Embracing Life" is the transcript of an interview I did with my grandfather, Jack Grinbaum. It details his early life in rural Poland, time spent in the ghetto, two concentration camp escapes, the horrors of the camps, liberation and details of life in the Displaced Persons Camps. This interview ended with Grandpa Jack's arrival in Belgium in 1946. Whether or you not you have read "The Everyday Remember; Holocaust Legacy" or not, this interview will be educational, enlightening an inspirational. While Grandpa Jack lost almost his entire family, the Nazis could not extinguish his inner drive and desire to thrive in his later life. This book/interview also contains details about my grandmother, Genia Grinbaum. Even though I could not do the same type of detailed interview with her, Grandpa Jack discusses what he knows about his wife's grueling Holocaust journey. There are almost no Survivors who made it through all of the camps that Grandpa Jack survived while Genia spent more time in the camps than almost any other Survivor. People often had trouble believing the obstacles they faced and overcame. Learn all about these two incredible human beings and their journey through these most horrific years. This is truly a Survive and Thrive Legacy.