Author: Matt Addison

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If you're ready to overcome your customers objections and dramatically grow your sales, then this book is for you. Most sales begin with a No. Many customers are simply programmed that way. But great salespeople consider it a first round. DISCOVER: How do great salespeople turn a customer's rejection into a sale? As salespeople we need to embrace that no as a necessary stage on the journey to a yes. It's in knowing how to respond to your customer's objection and moving to complete a sale that separates great salespeople from mere order takers.From understanding the why of the no and learning how to get to the root of their rejection, the book gives tips and pointers on what you can do to get the sale back on track, as well as actionable ways by which objections and rejections may be nipped in the bud. It also takes you through a careful examination of the how’s of persuasion, how you can create a conducive and positive environment that will get your customers to say yes, and finally, how to approach that very critical sales follow-up.

RIGHT NOW: Get the tools you need to close the sale. This book talks to salespeople who have faced numerous rejections and those who are embarking on their journey in the world of sales. Conversational, scannable and an easy and focused read, the book provides helpful and practical advice and actionable pointers on how to deal with sales rejection. But most of all, it reminds all of us in sales that rejection should NEVER be taken as personal and that opportunities to succeed in this venture should NOT end with a rejection (or two or more).
Great salespeople are not quitters. When a customer says no, they consider this a first round - a temporary defeat rather than a permanent failure.