Author: T.C. Calligari

Category: Erotic Romance

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T. C. Calligari takes us on a journey toward sweet surrender and total submission with four tantalizing tales that will leave you begging for mercy - and more!MISDEMEANOR: He thought he could bend the law, until he finds that pissing off a sexy female cop means he must pay in more ways than one.

PROMISE OF SUBMISSION: Bianca is a good artist's agent because she keeps in control. But that control has never allowed her to have an orgasm. When her eye catches the ornate brass bed in Alexander Verokin's apartment, she finds that his works of art take all shapes.

STRICT MANAGEMENT: Fernando is all about business, but when a disrespectful elevator operator upsets his regimen, the manager's interpretation of discipline gives him a new respect for strict management.

HEAT: Single and in Mexico City, Erica is working too hard to do anything about the heat - or her trapped sexual tension. That is until the crowded train ride becomes a little too close for comfort and the temperature rises.