Author: Thomas H. Ward

Category: Mysteries

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CRITICAL INCIDENTS has a complicated mystery plot with a long list of new characters that you will enjoy. Hard-charging Jack Gunn, in his younger days, is working as the new Regional Security Officer at the U.S. Embassy located in “Land of the Han,” also known as the ROK.He accidentally uncovers a group of terrorists planning an attack, who are also plotting something even bigger and more dangerous. Because the ROK National Intelligence Service maybe involved, Jack and his buddy, Lee, cannot tell anyone what they have found. There is no one they can trust. Time is ticking as Jack and Lee try to stop the radical terrorists in their tracks.

Along the way, Jack encounters a long lost lover named Mi-young, and discovers a new one, a Japanese woman, named Midori. Jack happens to make friends with Kamata-san, the Boss of the Japanese Inagawa Yakuza Clan in Minato, Japan. Ultimately, Kamata makes Jack an offer that he cannot refuse.


Critical Incidents is the first of a three-book saga, “Jack Gunn Asian Adventures.” These historically-laced fictional stories are based on places, locations, sights, and people that the Author has been exposed to while traveling and living overseas. The stories are loaded with tidbits of information about Asian countries and cultures that are not normally known to westerners. Some of the characters’ names have been changed to protect the innocent.