Author: Chris Lowry

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A bomb explodes in a train station in Brussels. Seconds later, a second bomb detonates at the airport. Hundreds die.America's alphabet agencies are stretched thin, but they can't stand idly by while European authorities investigate. Chatter on the ground is the US faces an imminent threat. They need boots on the ground and a man who get's answers to find and stop any disaster before it happens.

Carver and Brill are contracted to do the research. Brill heads overseas to bust heads, get names and if a few dead bodies drop along the way, they're only bad men doing evil things in the name of lust, greed or religion.

But when his investigation turns up a US connection stretching all the way to Homeland Security, the former hitman and his handler become public enemy number one with a kill order on sight.

Readers will be on the edge of your seat devouring this fast paced thriller that will keep your finger swiping to find out what happens next in a plot that twists and turns, ripped straight from the headlines. Each page is jam packed with action and asides that make those in the know nod their heads, and thriller lovers wanting more.