Author: Daphne Loveling

Category: Contemporary Romance

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LEVIShe's a good girl ... from a world I left behind years ago. One where virtue and purity are all that matter.

She's never learned about desire, about lust. And how a fire can burn so hot that you'll risk anything to quench the flames. I'm going to change all that.

She's got a body that was made for pleasure -- she just doesn't know it yet. And I'm just the bastard to teach her.

She's come to me for protection from the cold, cruel world. Trouble is, the thing she needs protecting from most of all ... is me.


He was just a name -- my only chance to escape from the way I was raised. I went to him in desperation, hoping for help, for refuge.

I found a man unlike any I've ever known. And now I understand: purity is easy when there's no temptation.

His touch fills me with forbidden longing. He sets me on fire ... until burning up sounds like heaven.

CRASH is the second of three stand-alone novels in the Stone Kings MC series. For a LIMITED TIME, it is on sale for 99 cents. CRASH is HEA, steaming hot, and has absolutely no cliffhanger! Also note that this version of CRASH includes the first 2 chapters of Stone Kings Book 3: RIDE, as a special bonus. RIDE will be available on September 19.