Author: Leydy Otero

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Billionaire Guardian
Part Six: ConflictedI’m no good for you...
Camille is slowly coming undone. She longs for her life to return to normal. But, she is also afraid she will not live to see it happen. She struggles with her fear and anxiety along with insecurities about her relationship with the man protecting her. She wants to be with him but it just isn’t happening. Everything is present: chemistry-check, passion-check, great sex-check, she loves him- check. She has figured out the problem, he isn’t sure what he feels for her.
Jason desires Camille in every way. But, with his past and the life be still leads, he can’t give her everything she deserves. He is convinced that he isn’t good for her. She is willing to wait for him to figure out his feelings, but his first priority is keeping her safe. How much longer will he keep her waiting? Will he lose her before he can her how he feels?