Author: Olivia Bishop

Category: General Nonfiction

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Warning! This book is completely different to what you’ve read before – a no fluffy guide on how to stay confident even after the break up and manage to start new long lasting relationships.
If you are an oversensitive person and not ready for rough, but clear and effective advice then keep yourself away from this book. However, if you came here with a strong intention to change your life for the better, then you came to right place, because this book is a great opportunity to learn:? how not to lose confidence and self esteem after the break up – set of 9 rules;
? how to regain your self confidence if it was affected somehow – set of 4 rules;
? how to act right when starting new relationship – set of 6 rules;
? how to keep your relationship without ruining them.

Clear and easy structure!

We also provide you with a commentary-article from the psychologist, which tells about the most popular reasons of self esteem lowering.

All the effective rules and advice at one place!
Want to learn how regain confidence and begin your new happy life immediately?
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