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Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child Living a life you love wholeheartedly means living creatively. No-one can give you this life. They can’t because they don’t know what works for you. You’re going to have to make it up yourself. Making up your life may be challenging, but it will be fun.You can use art to playfully reduce stress, warm your heart, and learn to live creatively.Color the Sky Yellow: Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child shows you how by making playful art with your inner child. How Can Making Art Make Me Happy and Help Me Live Creatively? How can making art be of any use to me? That depends, what do you really want in your life?Would you like to experience more beauty in your life? What if you felt connected to beauty in such a way that you fell in love with your life? What if you found that you created your own life, rather than staying within the lines that others draw for you – your family, your peers, and the culture. Do you want to feel at home wherever you go? Would you like to feel happy, fulfilled, free, and peaceful? I predict that by using the ideas in this book, you will feel happier, more at peace, and you’ll feel at home in your daily, ordinary life in part because you will learn to create a life that fits you. It will fit you because you create it.Additionally, you might notice you become smarter and can solve problems more easily. Why? Because you’ll be spending more intentional time in your right brain. Your enlightened right brain excels at solving difficult puzzles like how to live your life with meaning and joy.When Einstein was stumped with a mathematical puzzle, he engaged his right brain by playing the violin. Pop! The answer would appear. Art can do this for you, too.Factoid: Your verbal, linear, left brain processes information at 40 bits per second vs. how your non-verbal, spatial, right brain - art brain, Buddha brain - processes information at a speed of 11 million bits per second. Can you see why this works to solve problems?Even if you feel clueless about how to make art, making art, even unskilled art, can open your right brain and hence open your heart to beauty, joy, and freedom. Just the attempt to make art will do this. The creative magic of making art connects you to your right brain. And the creative magic of making art is an enlightened form of mindfulness. It faithfully brings you into Oneness, connection with the Sacred.The final product matters not at all.When you make art, you engage a superb form of mindfulness meditation, which returns you to the Sacred present moment. You reap the same benefits of any enlightened meditation practice. – Willendorf. If this sounds worthy of your time and effort , get Color the Sky Yellow: Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child and enjoy creating your life. Can a Beginner Benefit from Color the Sky Yellow: Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child? Yes. I’ll show you how in the chapter – How Can You Make Art You Like?Others may or may not like your art, Van Gogh never sold a painting, but you will like your art, and it will satisfy you and fill your heart.Even if you use none of the information but this: Putting color on paper makes you happy. Get a coloring book and see. No art skills required. You can find tons of Adult Coloring Books on Amazon. Amazon even says, “Perfect for stress relief.”Let yourself play. Get Color the Sky Yellow: Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child and enjoy creating your life.