Author: Napoleon Takahashi

Category: General Nonfiction

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Do you want to get structure and success in your life?Start asking the right questions !People who struggle often do not ask themselves the right questions. As an experienced life coach and communication scientist my work is to shift your thinking to asking the right questions because that is the seed of transformation. This book is written as a guide for your self-discovery and action-taking. It consists of 4 logical steps. You will learn: 1. Who are you?Chapter 1 helps you re-discover your true self, strengths, weaknesses and passions and lets you look at them distinct from societal pressures and limiting beliefs. Looking at yourself honestly is refreshing and helps you gain more clarity before moving on to your goals.2. What are your dreams and goals?Chapter 2 contains questions that tickle your imagination. You are being guided to a best case outlook on your life and how you really want it to turn out in your dreams.3. How to close the asset gaps and get on the right track?Chapter 3 grounds you and looks at what is neccessary and realistic in order to help you gain those missing assets.4. How to create a specific action plan and take action?Finally, the questions in chapter 4 lead you to plan out your dreams in a realistic and step by step manner and how to re-consider them contiuously along the way.