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Feeling sluggish? Tired all the time with low energy level? Feeling hungry all the time? Adopting a clean eating lifestyle might just be what you and your body need.It may be hard to fathom, but people today ingest a lot more manufactured pseudo-food then they do anything that might do the body some good. All sorts of chemicals are used in food processing to ensure packaged goods have a long shelf life.

Try putting a box of those cute little packaged cream-filled treats in your cupboard for a year. Open that package up a year later and those cream-filled cake bites will be as good as new — that’s a little scary. If you stick an apple in a cupboard for a few days, you’ll end up with a rotten apple, leave it there for a year and that apple will be growing all sorts of species!

Now, think about putting that processed food in your body, imagine how difficult it is for your body to break it down. And when your body does break it down, there isn’t much to it beyond some simple carbs that shoot into and out of your body in a flash, so you’re hungry within minutes.

The clean eating program is not so much diet as a new way of thinking about the food we eat. We are spoiled for fast food choices and so the types of foods we eat can depend heavily on where we are at meal times or what is easiest to grab on the go. What we’re missing is the understanding that all food is not created equal, and filling up your body is not the same as fueling your body with nutrients it can use — and that will protect it from illness.