Author: Edwin Shaw

Category: Romantic Suspense

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More than three decades ago, a happy aging couple mysteriously disappeared from their home in a small Turkish village. No One ever discovered their whereabouts, and eventually the mystery just melted in with all of the other strange happenings of the odd little city. Now, thirty years later, a restless young man has taken residence in the couple’s old house, and is quickly realizing there is nothing normal about it. He has thoughts that make him question his sanity. There are dreams that seem to be coming from someone else’s head. To top it all off, a strange, beautiful girl shows up on his doorstep with wild tales of an underground world, and he doesn’t know whether to fall in love with her or take her to the looney bin. What follows is a tale of lust, mystery and extreme danger. What exactly lies underneath this Turkish town, and why is Garik involved?
Based loosely on the real life discovery of a long hidden ancient underground city in Turkey, this is a story of romance, mystery, adventure, suspense and the extreme horror of the hideous creatures of a forgotten world. Garik and his stunning accomplice find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime, a mission to save not only the couple who vanished so many years ago, but also countless lives that might be harmed in the future. Garik learns more about himself than he ever wanted to, forced into the role of champion and savior. But who will save him?