Author: Susie Green

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Patsy: "I’m in love with my pharmacist. I will also mention that, in the past, I have been in love with, a podiatrist I once saw, a radio personality whose show I listen to daily, a neighbor, several gentlemen I have worked with, a poet, and an artist whose sculptures make me swoon. I fall in love easily, which, needless to say, creates an interesting and specific dynamic in my 18 year marriage."Lesley: "I love my best friend, business partner, and Godmother of my child. Sometimes she drives me crazy. The crazy part started all the way back in college when she began poaching my curling iron on a regular basis in our dorm room. I kept my curling iron in a very specific place on a very specific plastic cosmetic cart, aptly named Mr. Cart. The day Patsy not only used my curling iron, sans permission, but left it on all day and burned a sizeable hole in Mr. Cart was the day the hate part of my love/hate relationship developed."

Enter the world of Patsy and Lesley, Wedding Designers. Meet their families and their friends, and their clients for whom only the very best wedding ‘experience’ will do...

Patsy and Lesley are both about to fall in love - will their romances end in tears of sorrow or tears of joy...