Author: K. M. Carroll

Category: Fantasy

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Deal starts: July 24, 2015

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Indal, chronomancer and werewolf, has been in exile for six months, and survived everything the desert could throw at him.
Now he has to survive multi-world gangsters.His friends, Carda and Michelle, drag him home and present him with Michelle's corpse--sent back in time from the near future. But Indal's efforts to check out the timeline reveals that the corpse is a killer construct, out to murder them all.

While trying to discover who sent it, Indal stumbles into a crime ring of smugglers, blind alchemists, magic-stealing elves, and breakdancing gravity mages. They want him and his friends dead.

Because plans are in motion to that will shake the entire multiverse. And only Indal and his friends can stop them.