Author: James & Wendy Reese

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"Chronic & Mystery Illness Finally Truly Solved!" Series.Our book series will provide key information for those who are experiencing Chronic Illness and Mystery Illnesses. This series is also for anyone who is smart enough to want to stay healthy and wants to learn how. If you are in the process of giving up, and think that you have seen and done it all, I am here to tell you that you are very, very wrong! There are ten wrong turns you can make to every right one!

For every practitioner that you went to who took much of your money and in the end did not help you, that acts as a scar to you Limbic System. It adds to the continuation of your health decline.

If you are stuck in an endless cycle that only seems to be getting tighter then you really need my information.

If the best tried Remedies, Products, Treatments etc never really worked or you just got worse and more reactive then again this is just another symptom!

When you miss the key reasons as to how this all started and why, you miss the right ways to stop the endless circle from continuing you become depressed, withdrawn, and lose all hope. This I know because we went through all you have, and I guarantee you in all my years of practice, I never ran across one person who was as bad as my wife. And I have had over 61,000 office visits.


A practitioner is only as good as the knowledge and wisdom they have, and the tools they use. This comes with clinical experience and time only.

Tools need to be able to help determine the couse of actions to take. They need to be cutting edge. But they should not dictate the totality of the methods to be used.

The practitioner needs to have a skill using the tools and methods that only comes over time. For most this takes at least one decade. The longer used, the better the success.

The practitioner needs to be, Scientist, Intuitive, Researcher, Clinician, and a modern day Sherlock Holmes. They need to be schooled in world wide areas of health and healing systems. They can not have a philosophy based on one system of healing, or one manner of training.

It is my desire and hope for you that you find this information of great value to you and your families. This is presented to you so you can have answers the long nightmare that many of you may have been going through.

But all the knowledge in the world is useless unless you apply it!

This is the same knowledge that I give to my patients within the course of their program. Nothing is left out and even more is available to you in one location than even my patients as it comes to them over the course of time and appointments.

Within our books you will be educated on many subjects. They will teach you how to avoid falling back into the trap that got you to where you are now.

You will have access to my personal blog and be able to get updates and new information on a weekly basis relating to many subjects in the "Holistic Wellness" arena.

You will have access to programs that I use for my patients.

You will find out about products that are effective and simple to use.
You will know about key methods that if not done can block any progress you could ever hope to make.

You will find preventative information to protect you and your family from the things that hurt us all daily and we are not consciously aware of.
When done reading you will have what you need to know and what to act on to get the wellness you are looking for. And so much more with many options. You will have the details and know what to do.

You will have videos to look at an learn from.

You will have a free food and eating book.

James T. Reese L. Ac