Children & Middle Grade Books…

Teddy’s Day

“A first book—for you, for Teddy! To sit, to read. Are you ready?” An adventure in Teddy’s world begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Follow along and be respectful, and... read more

Say Please, Little Owlet

Say Please, Little OwletThe little Owlet never says ”Please.” He’s a happy, cheerful little guy, but is sometimes rude and impolite. Learn with little Owlet as he discovers how using a “magic word” can make others happy and make his own life easier at the same time.... read more

Marty and Momo Make Bedtime Fun

Marty is a little boy with a vivid imagination. One day, during his bedtime routine, he hears strange scratching noises in his bedroom, and gets really scared. After Marty’s parents unable to find anything suspicious leave the room, it turns out that strange sounds... read more

The King of the Jungle

The fairy tale of a friendship between man and tiger This story is a good healer who found and treated a baby tiger. When the tiger grew up and became stronger, the man brought him into the jungle. However, the tiger didn’t forget his old man. When the healer was in... read more

Bruce The Kickin’ Chicken

Bruce The Kickin’ ChickenTommie Mills is a nine-year-old boy with very few interests or friends. On a field trip to a local farm, Tommie meets Bruce, a feisty little chicken with an unusual personality. When Tommie finds out that Bruce is going to be sold, he is... read more

Angels Club

Hola, Cuties! I’m Jacinda Gonzalez, almost twelve. Although I think I’m pretty nice, not to mention way cool and one of the most knowledgeable people in all things horse, I just can’t make any friends in my new school. The only things flying my way are totally rude... read more

American Fairy Tales


My Father’s Dragon

A boy risks his life to free a flying dragon in this beloved children’s classic and Newbery Honor Book.   Elmer Elevator has always wanted to fly, and when he takes in an old alley cat out of the rain, he gets his chance. The grateful cat tells him about a flying... read more

Fishie, Fishie

Babies & Toddlers delight in this beautiful, full color book FOR babies & toddlers, NOT about them. Download to your electrical device and entertain your child every time you have to wait. As a bonus, there is a link inside to another ebook in this series:... read more

Magic Cat

What differentiates reality from daydreaming? What makes reality; reality and what makes a dream; a dream? Young Tom is faced with these questions after a day of wandering around the neighborhood in search of fun leads up to a surreal experience in which he finds... read more

Pug with a Passport

Jump into this exciting kids’ travel guide series with Kipling, the Pug with a Passport! Ride along with Kip as he takes his first trip away from home. Learn with him as he discovers the many countries and cultures of the world. Explore with Kip as he takes his... read more

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Are you looking for a fantastic children’s book which your little one will love? This book of short stories for little ones with fabulous illustrations will help not only entertain your child, but also teach him to appreciate friendship, be nice and help other... read more

Animals and Smartphone

What do you know about the phone that is always at your fingertips? What secrets can he hide? And what about the animals that live in the neighboring forest? Our main reporter Larry was playing with her friends in the forest, lost her phone. And was very sad, but... read more

My ABC Animals

** Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership **My ABC Animals is an alphabet kid’s book with exciting animals from around the world. The book is nicely arranged from A to Z and comes with a simple line of fun facts about every animal. One... read more

Fidget Spinner Games

This is not a fidget spinner trick book. This is an awesome games book for your fidget spinner toys! Get hours of more fun from the fidget spinner with these never before seen games. You haven’t seen these before because they were just created! These are awesome... read more

Prince Martin Wins His Sword

This unforgettable debut embraces the heroic tradition of The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Treasure Island—with a twist: it’s written entirely in rhyming epic verse, making it a thrill to read aloud with a child! As Prince Martin admires the ancient... read more

Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall

Snowman Paul practices round the clock for his grand musical debut and no one gets any sleep. Dan is ready to stop him! But what if Snowman Paul has real musical talent? Written in rhyme, the Snowman Paul book series is suitable for early readers and bedtime stories.... read more

Colors of Love

Join the fun with Billy Bee in Colors of Love, a wonderful part of “The Adventures of Billy Bee” series! After Billy Bee falls asleep on leaf, he floats far away down a stream to a place he has never been before. read more