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Bubba the Bulldog Tries to Smile

Bubba’s lips are too heavy to smile. When his best friend Ryan breaks his leg, Bubba tries to cheer him up. After getting into some mischief around the house, Bubba learns that every time he accidentally smiles, Ryan smiles too. In his efforts to smile, Bubba has to... read more

A Night at the Animal Shelter

The Blithedale Animal Shelter has just ended its annual holiday sale for dogs, and miraculously all but a few have been adopted. An unexpected, welcome surprise for the shelter staff, and great news for the lucky pups who found homes. But for the dogs that remain—a... read more

Bobby’s Summer

It’s summer time when Bobby meets Jaz in the park. Bobby has never met an alien before and is excited that he and Jaz are now friends. Bobby learns that his new friend’s planet is dying and they need Bobby’s help to save it. read more

When I Wake Up

This award-winning board book is quickly becoming a must-have companion for children’s nightly routines. Add a little sunshine to your child’s bedtime! When I Wake Up is a quirky tale about a child who is grumpy at the idea of going to bed… that is,... read more

How Santa Changed

Think you know Santa? Think again. Discover what Santa was like when he was young and the events that helped him become the jolly man we like so much. How Santa Changed is a story that explains many of the familiar things we associate with Santa Claus and Christmas,... read more

The Exploring Twins

A Volcano AdventureThis is the first book in The Exploring Twins book series.Allison and Daniel explore the world around them and amazed to see that science is everywhere. With little help from their mom Michelle and their dad Jake, they experiment and learn, in a fun... read more

Waddley Sees the World

Waddley, a Macaroni penguin who lives in Antarctica, has always dreamed of seeing the world! He gets his chance when he meets Lexi and Sam, two young visitors traveling with their parents, and secretly follows them back onto their ship. Delighted to see him, they tell... read more

Saving the Last Dragon

Duncan Emeris loves to write. His imagination creates a world of Dragons, Wizards, and Magic. His writing helps him cope with the reality of his world. When one of his stories draws the interest of Merrill Templar, his English teacher, Duncan discovers that the world... read more

The Hairy Fairy

THE HAIRY FAIRY IS HEREINTRODUCING A BRAND NEW FAIRY TALE FROM MARK WATSONWINNERS: Best Illustrated Children’s Ebook – MOONBEAM Awards 2015WINNERS: Best Children’s Animal Book – READER’S FAVORITE Awards 2015WINNERS: Best Illustrated... read more

The Rescue (Book 1)

Love is to be shared, but Ms. Addie Pants was left on the side of the road with no one in sight. She wondered if there someone who would find her and give her a home she never had? Will her dreams ever come true? Discover Addie’s outcome in this timeless... read more

A Monster Calls

NOW A #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! An unflinching, darkly funny, and deeply moving story of a boy, his seriously ill mother, and an unexpected monstrous visitor.At seven minutes past midnight, thirteen-year-old Conor wakes to find a monster outside his bedroom... read more

The Haiku Zoo

Welcome to the Haiku Zoo!Meet Lion, the first animal we’ll visit on our trip to the Haiku Zoo.Featuring fantastic illustrations from Dunstan Carter and stunning Haiku from Mark Watson, here comes a brand new twist on the short, Japanese poetry form, the Haiku.A... read more

Don’t Juggle Bees!

Another silly rhyming children’s picture book from Gerald Hawksley!DO say “please”, if you’d like some cheese.DON’T attempt to juggle bees.DO remember where you keep your toes.DON’T balance an elephant on your nose.Packed with... read more

Nosey Charlie Comes To Town

Nosey Charlie is a spunky little squirrel who grew up in the country. He became an orphan and moved to the big city to live with his aunt, uncle, and his cousin, Pete. Charlie desperately wants to know everything about the people and strange objects in the city, and... read more

More Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind

Once again award winning author Steve Reedy shares his far-flung whimsy, delightful prose, and unique humor in this second installment of his short story collections for kids.As you journey through each fable, Reedy’s engaging insight and quirky imagery will leave you... read more

Magic Cat

What differentiates reality from daydreaming? What makes reality; reality and what makes a dream; a dream? Young Tom is faced with these questions after a day of wandering around the neighborhood in search of fun leads up to a surreal experience in which he finds... read more

Christmas Adventure of Piglet Ben

Piglet Ben and his friends decided to celebrate Christmas together at the home of their friend, bunny Woody. Woody lived in the forest, so the friends gathered together on the farm and then headed for Woody’s house. This short trip of friends was full of danger,... read more

Today I’m a Monster

“Today I am a monsterI wake with a sore headI want to keep on dreamingDon’t get me out of bed!”Enjoy the story of cute little monster and his powerful transformation!Agnes Green’s & Trevor Judson’s Today I’m A Monster is the enchanting tale of a little boy... read more

Nerdy Ever After

Wilhelmina Shisbey is unlucky number thirteen … She’s the thirteenth person in the world to be documented with H-SAM (Highly Superior Autographical Memory.) For Willa, every day of her loser life is as vivid as the last, beginning with the moment her birth... read more

Magical Adventures & Pony Tales

Discover six heartwarming and beautiful tales woven with love and magic, capturing the irreplaceable bond between a child and their pony. Lose yourself in wondrous adventures as you follow the brave children and their courageous ponies through the land of Faerie and... read more

Chloe and Sam

This book encourages children to show kindness and care to other people. Chloe has a best friend – her dog Sam. Their friendship shows children how to help others together and to be friends with other children rather than being selfish. A wonderful, kind... read more