Author: Glen Batchelor

Category: Fantasy

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Natan Brush was a child abused by his grandfather. At six-years of age Natan kills his abusive grandfather and thinks that is the end of it, but the abuse continues. While in care Natan is abused again and again by the very ones charged with protecting him. He loses faith in humanity and kills his abusers. He has now become so used to killing he becomes a hired killer. He uses the original knife – a gift from his granddad, and the one he'd used to kill his granddad, to murder his prey. But one night he is outwitted and is killed by his intended victim. This is where the story begins.On the surface Yram Dalfo is an illusionist, only he isn't, his illusions are real; he is a true magician.
He hates the human race because he can see all their faults, he also hates God because he feels he is superior to Him. Dalfo dies in prison in astral form but because he is in astral form he has escaped God and cannot be punished for his sins. Instead he roams the Earth occupying the bodies of humans and taking pleasure in causing pain.
God understands why Natan became what he became so offers a chance of redemption: to find Yram Dalfo and destroy him – but will he be able to kill his only offspring in order to do so?