Author: Celia Haddon

Category: General Nonfiction

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The cat-human relationship sometimes works better than marriage. Love spans the great divide between us, linking two different species in a loving relationship.Cats understand humans – enough at least to satisfy their needs. A cat can lead you to the fridge, persuade you to change the brand of cat food, wake you up in the morning to make sure its breakfast isn’t late, and share your bed in cold nights. It may even know how to move you off the most comfortable chair.

Cats are experts at twisting us around their little paws.

But do you understand your cat? Probably not as well as it understands you.

Cats are actually communicating to us all the time. With paws, tails, meows, whiskers and body postures, they have a vast and complex language that allows them to express their feelings quite clearly.

This book will help you chat to your cat – in a language it understands.