AUTHOR: Steve Ryan

CATEGORY: Business



DEAL STARTS: 2016-07-24

DEAL ENDS: 2016-07-26



Description : Remember what John Tuld (the evil financial CEO from the movie, Margin Call) said to his trading analyst: “Please, speak as you might to a young child, or a golden retriever.”This one book intends to simplify trading so everyone will HAVE A SHOT to become a successful trader.┬áComprising 23 trading executions in a short and straightforward manner, the knowledge in this book can be directly applied by all of you as soon as TOMORROW.

How this book will LIBERATE your trading confusion:

1) Prompt Execution: How to trade with the 23 steps correctly
2) Intelligent Selectivity: How to pick the best opportunities.
3) Trade Optimization: How you can minimize risks and maximize potential profits.
4) Stress Elimination: By entering and exiting your trades with simplicity and conviction, you will feel more confident.
5) Why Picasso once uttered “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Whether you are trading for a living, a beginner, an investor, investing for your retirement, or a seasoned professional, recognizing, studying examples, and internalizing these 10 price actions will bring your trading to the next level.


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