Author: Odin Nightshade

Category: LGBT

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Three scorching hot men are about to meet their seductive, other-worldly counterparts for a wild ride that's out of this world...The complete Celestial Seductions series.

A bizarre episode of unconsciousness suddenly upsets Bryan Jenkins' ordered life. Even more troubling is the tear in his bedroom curtain and the footprints in the flowerbed underneath his window. Amidst these terrifying occurrences, why has he suddenly started dreaming sensuous dreams about a beautiful human-like being who feels closer and more familiar to Bryan than anyone he has ever known?

Dark Star
Wealthy, charming and devastatingly-handsome, bad boy Hunter Cavendish is a first class player who lives up to his name. Cool, detached and singularly independent, he’s got no time for love—but plenty of time to pursue a revolving door of voracious lovers. Until, an unearthly, yet wholly captivating, being steps into his world. And when Hunter starts experiencing a strange sickness and his body begins to change right before his very eyes, he starts to wonder just where this is going, and where it will end up.

Kai is the only son of one of the most powerful families on the planet Cyanos. Young, handsome and indulged, Kai has everything a man could dream of. But on the day he comes of age, his noble father discloses to him a life-changing secret: he is promised to a human man for reasons that affect the very existence of his race. Dismayed by his chosen fate, Kai descends to Earth, where he learns that earthlings have a lot more to offer than he ever could have imagined...

This is a stand alone story with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This books contains mature language and explicit content, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age.