Author: Sam Alaoui

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Starting a business and raising capital can be like navigating a war zone, and entrepreneurs need every weapon in their arsenal to win.To be successful requires aligning your mind, your body, and your spirit to deal with the global reality and beat the odds. It's all about fundamentals.
Whether you are starting your first company or are a lifelong entrepreneur, this book will provide you with the tools and resources you need to:
-Start your business
-Build your company and brand
-Acquire new clients and retain them
-Build a winning business plan
-Locate investors online and offline, in the US and overseas
-Understand the legal process and the documents needed to raisecapital
-Pitch and close your deal
-Expand your business globally
-Navigate in the new-world order of financeAfter fourteen years in the investment industry, Alaoui explains that this process requires discipline, skills, mental toughness,and the understanding that failure is not fatal--it is a learning curve.
From crowdfunding to current events to pitching investors, author Sam Alaoui leaves no stone of capital fundraising unturned.
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