Author: P. K Vandcast

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A LONG, LONG TIME AGO, I CAN STILL REMEMBER...Having witnessed enough death in Vietnam, much of it by his own hands as a Navy SEAL, Hugh Hunter returns to the United States in 1973. Having fled to the U.S. Navy to escape a life in the coal mines of eastern Kentucky, upon his discharge from active duty, he decides to settle in San Francisco, the hometown of his best friend and fallen comrade-in-arms, Willie Paugh.Without a plan, except to give Willie’s SEAL trident and medals to Anita Caballero, Willie’s girl, Hugh meets Angela, Anita’s sister, and is immediately smitten. Hugh and Angela could not be more different, however. She’s a devout Christian with a college education. He’s a country bumpkin whose only talent is how to kill effectively and extract information efficiently.When the leader of an outlaw motorcycle club has an obsessive fascination for Anita Caballero, Hugh feels an obligation, for his buddy’ sake, to intercede on behalf of the Caballero family, a family his deceased best friend cherished.Through the Caballero patriarch, Romeo, Hugh gets a job at a detective agency, Katz Investigations, owned and operated by Gertrude “Kitty” Katz, a no-nonsense Stanford graduate and attorney whom the SFPD inspectors have dubbed “Miss Marple” for her sleuthing skills....THE MUSIC USED TO MAKE ME SMILEHugh joined the Navy at 16, and one of the comforting influences of his life is music. He’d listen to the pop and rock hits broadcasted in Da Nang and Saigon. It also helps him transition to life stateside after the war. When a serial killer surfaces and leaves a clue tied into the 1972 Don McLean hit, “American Pie,” it may prove to be a clue to a missing person case gone cold.AND THEM GOOD OL’ BOYS WERE DRINKING WHISKEY AND RYE SINGIN’ THIS’LL BE THE DAY THAT I DIEIn the meantime, the leader of the outlaw motorcycle wants Hugh dead, an incompetent police inspector suspects Hugh of murder, and the first girl he’s ever liked wants him to become a Christian.A Christian conversion doesn’t seem to make sense when Hugh himself realizes he may be as bad, if not worse, than the killer he’s trying to track down.Will Hugh and Kitty find their missing person? Can they help the police track down the serial killer? Is becoming a Christian even possible for a government-trained killing machine like Hugh?DID YOU WRITE THE BOOK OF LOVE AND DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN GOD ABOVE IF THE BIBLE TELLS YOU SO?Fiction author, P. K. Vandcast, has teamed up with pastor and author, Jon J. Cardwell, to embark on a series of books in the Christian fiction, Christian historical fiction, Christian suspense, Christian mystery, Christian thriller and Christian crime genres.Are you ready to chase down leads in San Francisco with a Navy SEAL and a Jewish attorney as a serial killer spins a song from the Billboard Hits of 1972? Can Katz and Hunter hunt him down before he murders again at the next full moon? If Christian fiction is your genre, don’t wait a moment longer.Grab your copy right now!