Leadership Lessons From Mom

Author: Mark Villareal

Category: Business

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Deal starts: February 20, 2017

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Description:Learn the impact that a mother makes in the lessons taught through childhood and adults that creates the leaders of today. "Leadership Lessons From Mom" demonstrates the key impacts of teaching leadership lessons and how they relate to today's business environment.

Architecting Interaction

Author: Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Category: Business

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Description:Stephanie A. Hughes is part of a new generation of architects that operate beyond the “nowadays-restrained realm of architecture”, and believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields. In her new book, Hughes investigates how contexts can be designed to foster human interactions; specifically the interactions needed in workplaces such as collaboration, learning, creativity, and innovation. After reflecting on the fragmented state of the world today and explaining why she believes that innovation is a necessity, Stephanie dives into the comprehensive dynamics of innovation and reveals that the roots of innovation are to be found in interactions. “We cannot design interactions", Stephanie says, “instead we need to design the contexts for interactions”. And indeed, Stephanie shares the step by step process that explains how you can create your contexts to foster interactions and stimulate innovation.

Put a Shark in Your Tank

Author: Kevin Harrington

Category: Business

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Deal starts: February 13, 2017

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Description:Learn how to create a perfect pitch, start and grow your business, and gain valuable insights from entrepreneurs just like you! Through his personal experience, Kevin will give you the tips and tricks to allow your dream business to become a reality

Manage Lead Transform

Author: Shakeel Akhtar & Ayesha Hakim

Category: Business

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Description:Project failure is common. You know that and you have experienced it first hand. You may believe that it is because of not using the right methodology or the right technology or both. In MANAGE LEAD TRANSFORM Shakeel Akhtar and Ayesha Hakim believe that project failure starts more at the task level because of team disengagement. How-to overcome this disengagement so that every task is done at the right time by the right person is the focus of this book. Their time-tested MLT framework will help you build a trusted system to first manage the project work and then lead a high performing team and finally transform an organization. By implementing each of their 15 processes, you not only reduce project timelines but also gain visibility to advance your project management career. Each of the 15 processes of the MLT framework can be implemented very quickly thereby realizing immediate benefit to your troubled project. This book will help in your journey from a frustrated project manager to a transformational leader.

Teach and Grow Rich: Share Your Knowledge to Create Global Impact, Freedom and Wealth

Author: Danny Iny

Category: Business

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Description:Since the beginning of time, two types of people have worked to reimagine our world: teachers and entrepreneurs. Teachers ignite a fire in our minds, empowering and inspiring us to greatness and entrepreneurs take that vision of what the world can be, and bring it to life. Great teachers have a tremendous impact on our lives, but the best teachers aren’t always available to us… and there’s only so much that any one teacher in a classroom can do. And starting a business has always been a balancing act between opportunity, and risk. But now there is a new opportunity to reimagine our world through online education. Because of new advances in technology, the long tail of customers, and a global, digital economy, anyone with a skill to teach or a message to share can help others … while turning it into a business generating income for their family. This book is written to share this opportunity with the world of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to empower, inspire, and reimagine our world. It's not just about the theory – it also goes deep on the specifics of the co-creation process that attracts and engages the best students to your business. It's about building a life around serving others, spending more time on the things that matter, and earning more, too. Share what you know to create impact, freedom, and wealth. What will you teach?

Decision Diagnosis – Seven Antidotes to Decision Procrastination

Author: David Almeida

Category: Business

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Description:You can't make successful decisions if you don't know what those decisions are asking of you. In this book, via the brokering of economics theories, the scientific method, and a surgical approach to medical problems, you will find innovative methods to diagnosing decisions and tools for improving your clarity in personal and professional decision-making. Physicians and surgeons routinely go through seven attributes of a medical problem to tease out the pertinent positives and negatives from a patient, so as to arrive at the right diagnosis and manage the patient with the correct treatment. Here I have hybridized this medical technique normally used for complex diagnoses with my work in research and business leadership to create seven antidotes to decision procrastination—a framework, entitled Decision Diagnosis, which we can apply to decision-making. I believe that when you apply this framework, it will provide useful insights. Most importantly of all, it will help you achieve a greater understanding, clarity, and focus in your strategy and decision-making. Whether it is for personal or professional decisions, I believe this construct will help you succeed and improve your strategic and executive function.