The Perfect Firm (Your Playbook for Building a Perfect Accounting Business)

Author: Rob Nixon

Category: Business

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After spending 23 years working with 170,000 accountants in 30 countries Rob Nixon has worked out what a Perfect Firm might look like.

Nixon, who has directly coached 800 firms to success and educated tens of thousand more, is the worlds #1 authority on how accounting firms can achieve peak performance and build a great accounting business.

In these pages, through plain English you'll discover:

* How to combat digital disruption and build a sustainable business

* How to develop a business model that produced $1M profit per partner

* Strategies from the worlds most profitable firms

* Which numbers are important and which are not

* How to create capacity without hiring more accountants

* How to grow your revenue exponentially

* How to market and sell professionally

* Why Value pricing must be implemented - and how to implement it

* Winning new clients is easy once you know how

* A process for engaging your team in new ways.

The Perfect firm is your playbook for for building a perfect accounting business.

Escaping the Gray

Author: John Rizvi

Category: Business

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Inventors and entrepreneurs know that the joy of creating something that changes everything is tempered with the terror of failure. Some of the greatest leaps of faith in human history were viewed as madness before they became the revolutionary developments that altered everything about the way
we live, work and play. By turns funny and serious, whimsical and straightforward, vulnerable and honest, John Rizvi details his journey from resigning as a patent attorney for one of the most prestigious and revered patent law firms in the world – a firm that counted Bell, Edison, the Wright Brothers and Ford among its distinguished client roster – to going out on his own to represent tomorrow’s leaders in innovation. If you are an inventor or entrepreneur with a new idea, you cannot help but relate to the long, exhilarating, and yet sometimes painful journey of creating something new. Follow along and discover the secrets behind doggedly pursuing your dreams and the courage to risk escaping the gray in your life.


Author: Darnell Smith

Category: Business

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??? Entrepreneurship - Do you want the financial freedom to quit your 9-2-5 job to follow your passions? ?????? Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now! ??? How long will you put up with work politics? How long will you commute a soul destroying journey to work each day? How long will you put up with bare having enough to pay the bills? How long will you tolerate someone else determining what your monetary value is or how many days in a year you can have a vacation? ARE YOU TIRED OF NOT LIVING YOUR DREAMS? Many think entrepreneurship is about money, but the truth is most entrepreneurs are simply free-spirits who want to spend the limited time they have hear on earth in the most fulfilling possible ways. What does it take to be an entrepreneur? How do they think? What habits do they have? Can what they do be taught to others aspiring to be entrepreneurs? If you are dreaming of being the next Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Steve Jobs or you are just tired of working for the man, then this book is for you. As kids we are told to go to school, study hard and get good grades. We are told that if we get A’s and B’s we will get good jobs and have successful lives. The only problem is when we grow up we find ourselves unhappy in the very jobs that were supposed to bring us fulfilment in lives. We wake up to the reality that the kids that didn’t pay attention in school, the ones who dropped out of college, are the very people that own the companies we now work for. We wake up to the cruel reality that the A’s and B’s work for the C’s and D’s. How many bosses have you had, that you have been more qualified and experienced than? Bosses and entrepreneurs have a mindset that allows them to become business owners and leaders much faster than the academically inclined valedictorians amongst us. Whether you are extremely smart or not, you can become your own boss and live life on your own terms. This book will set you unto the path of doing just that.This book is for everyone. It will take a look at the quintessential mind of an entrepreneur and will help you on your journey of becoming your own boss. How do they think? how do they behave? What qualities do they possess (other than poor academics in most cases) that can be emulated? Take a journey with me in this book and become an entrepreneur.What are the benefits of this book?Learn how entrepreneurs set themselves free from the rat race.with investments are small business Learn how to execute business ideas more ruthlessly Discover how they overcome their fears and take the risks others wontLearn how they add value to others and make $10k, $20k, $1m, $100m or even billions each year, by following your passionsWork the hours that suit you and travel when you want to Learn how entrepreneurs take control back of their destiny Set your self free from modern economic slavery and become the boss Dont sit back and hate your life, do something about it instead.Nothing will change in your life until you start taking massive action and start making things happen like an entrepreneur. Start today by getting a copy of this book

Think and Grow Rich for Inventors

Author: Rizvi

Category: Business

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Think and Grow Rich is the bestselling self-help book of all time. Now, patent attorney John Rizvi applies a unique twist to the lessons Napoleon Hill offered to millions of would-be entrepreneurs, making them relevant to inventors and innovators of all stripes. John has helped hundreds of inventors in realizing their dreams, from modest success stories to clients who sold their intellectual property for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Think and Grow Rich for Inventors is the distilled essence of John's experience over nearly two decades of directly and personally guiding inventors through the often frustrating process of obtaining a patent in the US and abroad while working to understand the deeper passions that dive them. He brings a personal touch to the ideas Napoleon Hill codified, describing his own experiences with these principles in unflinching, often humorous, sometimes self-mocking, always thought-provoking terms.

Think and Grow Rich for Inventors is geared specifically toward people with big ideas and the drive to make them reality. If you have an idea or a dream, this may be the most important book you ever read, filled with hard-nosed, practical advice and commentary drawn from observing the best and brightest America has produced. This book is not a manual but a road map to help the dreamer, the creator and the inventor harness their potential and change their lives by tapping into the power locked within themselves.

The Money Switch

Author: Lee Stan

Category: Business

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Are you sick and tired of your 9-5 job? Do you wish you had more money set aside for your future?

Or maybe you wish you could experience high-end world travel, or just living more and working less?

What if you could earn income online, make money in your spare time on YOUR terms, and...

Work when you want, where you want

Set your own schedule and enjoy the flexibility that goes with it

Finally have the extra cash you need to afford a few luxuries in your monthly budget

Take time off whenever you want, without having to beg for permission from your boss and arrange for months in advance

Double, triple, or quadruple your hourly wage once you learn to be more efficient at your work, rather than having your boss reward you with more work

Interested? If so, keep reading…

Making money on the internet can be tough. It feels like at every corner someone's trying to scam you.

Don’t worry. Those days are over.

The good news is you have more opportunity today to earn income online than ever before. And you don’t need a killer new business idea or millions of dollars in startup capital to do it. You just need to know how, and what’s right for you.

Introducing The Money Swtitch

You are about to learn the exact methods I use to this day to earn as much as $4000 a day, with nothing more than a computer and the power of internet - I work WHENever and WHEREever I want, plus take time off whenever I please. And you don’t need any prior experience to do this!

The training inside is broken down into easy-to-understand steps. It starts from the very beginning, so you can get great results - even as a beginner!

Why am I sharing all this with you?

Here's the truth. I'm really excited about the results I've seen with the methods you'll learn about in this book - wouldn't you be if you were in my shoes?

And I'd love for you to have a chance to have some of that success for yourself.

The bottom line:

Now keep in mind that I don't believe in "get rich quick" schemes, and neither should you! But I know plenty of good people for whom a willingness to learn combined with effort, has paid off enormously.

If you apply the strategies inside, Inevitably - day after day... week after week - you will find yourself in command and finally be able to ditch the dreaded 9-5 job and start living your life the way it's supposed to be lived - Want to be next?

What are you waiting for?

Times ticking! Take Charge of your LIFE today by making the smartest investment you could possibly make. An investment in yourself and your future.

Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

How to Get a Job

Author: Garry Bolton

Category: Business

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Dear Friend!
To start with, are you surprised the book is titled ‘How to Get a Job’? At first glance, this is a hackneyed topic (maybe). And if you are to read this book for an interview, would you love to get the job? Everything we do in life is to obtain our desired work. All our efforts, aspirations, hopes and feelings are directed at this. Is it difficult to agree with me on this? ‘No,' I guess.
So we both agree that if you have to get a job, you have to be interviewed. Perhaps you are overcome with vague doubts asking yourself, ‘Will I be able to successfully cope with this?’ There is nothing surprising after all. The job interview is a test of your strength. It is always exciting and sometimes accompanied by stress. Another question might be, ‘Will I get a job after the interview or not?’ Of course, this is a desirable question, but the answer lies in how you cope with the test of your strength. This book helps you to learn how to overcome and win. Don't reject it, read it to the end!
In this book, you are taught (using the interview style “3 R’s”) what your behavior and actions should be when being interviewed. Simplicity and effectiveness in this approach guarantee your success in the interview. In practice, you are not dealing with a regular book on job interviews. It is a compact, practical guide for those who strive to achieve success in an interview and get the desired job.
By means of this book, you will understand your strength, through your actions, in such a purposeful way that will make any potential employer find you appealing.
No question, this book will reveal to you the Secrets of Interviews, it will show you How to Overcome the Barriers of these Interviews, and How to ‘Fight’ with Difficult Questions. After reading this book, you can work with New Energy to realize your Hopes in Real Life. If you have read through to this point, then I haven’t written this in vain.
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