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How to Quit Your Job With Passive Income

In today’s world, we all are expected to live our lives working for someone else. Working 40+ hours a week at a job you hate, for a boss that is horrible, and wasting your life away for a paycheck. But there is a book that will help you escape the rat race of life and... read more

How to Start a Business

Business is like a sport. So your inner attitude and mental attitude is very important in this case. If you are mentally prepared for the upcoming difficulties, ups and downs, then your business will last a long time. If you do not have money, but you decide to start... read more

How to Quit Your Job With Rental Properties

How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties contains step-by-step training to help you acquire rental properties to allow you to quit your job and be financially free so you will never have to work again. Designed for the newbie or seasoned pro, anyone will learn how... read more

Bankroll Your Mind

Are you a Conscious Entrepreneur, Business Leader or Service Professional who is frustrated and overwhelmed trying to make a real difference in the world, but you find yourself stuck with lackluster results? Are you sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars and... read more

One-Page Business Plan

So, you have a dream. You have a great idea that will bring exciting new products or services to market. How will you make that dream a reality?While it’s true that hundreds of startups succeed each year in turning the imagination of talented people into hard... read more


Part 2 Of The Bestselling Book: Leadership: Management Skills, Social Skills, Communication Skills – All The Skills You’ll NeedHow To Be A Leader, Not A BossOver the years that I have worked in a business environment and also in charity based... read more

My Landlord Helper

In “My Landlord Helper: Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments, Achieving Explosive Growth and Saving Money” you’ll quickly learn how to: – Grow your portfolio 4x in less than three years – Implement successful strategies for... read more

One Call Closing

Imagine Closing 80-90% Of Your Sales On Your First Sales Appointment, Without Having To Lower Your Price. One Call Closing Reveals How To Do This. If you want to know, step by step, how to quickly and easily sell your very next customer… who will then brag to... read more

Leadership Lessons From Mom

Learn the impact that a mother makes in the lessons taught through childhood and adults that creates the leaders of today. “Leadership Lessons From Mom” demonstrates the key impacts of teaching leadership lessons and how they relate to today’s... read more

Architecting Interaction

Stephanie A. Hughes is part of a new generation of architects that operate beyond the “nowadays-restrained realm of architecture”, and believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields. In her new book, Hughes... read more

Put a Shark in Your Tank

Learn how to create a perfect pitch, start and grow your business, and gain valuable insights from entrepreneurs just like you! Through his personal experience, Kevin will give you the tips and tricks to allow your dream business to become a reality read more

Manage Lead Transform

Project failure is common. You know that and you have experienced it first hand. You may believe that it is because of not using the right methodology or the right technology or both. In MANAGE LEAD TRANSFORM Shakeel Akhtar and Ayesha Hakim believe that project... read more

Options Trading Strategy

Are you new to trading and not sure where to begin? Or have you been in the market as an investor or trader and been disappointed with the results?Do you stay away from the markets because you think they are too risky? Or are you confused by technical and fundamental... read more

Job Interview To-Do-List

Boost your chances of getting that next job by knowing how to prepare and succeed at a job interview. Uncover the inside secrets that will make you successful and stand way above the next candidate. This book will provide you with invaluable information that is... read more

In Their Shoes – The Teacher

In Their Shoes – The Teacher (British Comedy/Satire, Mockumentary)Why are teachers leaving the profession, skipping work with stress or dying less than a year after retirement? Rachel was one of the high school’s best teachers and got on well with everyone. The... read more

Habits Of Successful People

Can you tell that you are successful? How success is measured and how one can gain it? Why successful people differ from the rest? Is success as same as wealth? These are the questions which anyway disturb most of us. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female,... read more

The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses

The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses is an inspiring example of how pushing past your fears and taking one big calculated risk can make your dreams a reality.Meet Kelly Campbell – For the majority of her rehabbing career, Kelly Campbell worked as... read more

The Little Big Small Business Book

How do you plan to grow your business this year? Inside of The Little BIG Small Business Book, you’ll discover 17 money making (or saving) lessons that will leave you with more customers, sales, and money in your pocket come tax season. CPA Micah Fraim offers a unique... read more