Author: Donna Mulvenna

Category: Parenting & Family

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How often do you look at your children and wonder, "What will they want to do when they grow up?" And how many of you want to give them the education, resources, and life experience to makes those dreams happen?This book contains information and strategies to help parents give their children a head start in life well before they finish school. It is all about keeping a child's entrepreneurial spirit intact: business, social, creative and natural.

That doesn't mean teaching them how to make a million dollars overnight, or that respecting nature means living in an off-grid hut, it is more about empowering your child to be an independent creative thinker, to develop and see through their ideas, follow their dreams, and pursue their passions.

Written in a clear, down-to-earth voice, building tomorrow's entrepreneur, is both a practical guide and a values-based philosophy. It explains why many parents feel lost when it comes to modelling an entrepreneurial spirit and why preserving it is more important than ever before