Author: Mia Caldwell

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Sarah Collins is doing just fine, thank you. Sure, she's still tending bar five years after losing her scholarship and dropping out of her snooty college--trust fund sorority girls just weren't her kind. True, she has thrift-store furniture and a car on its last legs. Sure, she hasn't had sex in a year or a boyfriend in...who knows? True, she keeps having to clean up her mom's messy life. But it's fine. She's fine. She doesn't need anyone's help. So stop asking!Hank Reynolds was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he took it out a long time ago. His old-money parents didn't approve of his career choice, or anything else Hank was doing. So who needs 'em? He's got a low-stress job in a bar and an apprenticeship with a furniture maker. A life he can walk away from as soon as anything becomes too much trouble. He's come so far from where he started that he doesn't even have the same name. Ties? Who needs 'em?

When an injury forces I'm-Just-Fine Sarah to accept Hank's help, it's all they both can do to keep their hands (and hearts) to themselves. Can they learn to lean on each other when they both have one (broken) foot out the door?