Author: Elisa Oras

Category: General Nonfiction

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This book offers extensive scientific research on one of the most common eating disorder triggers - dieting and restriction and how they affect our body physically and mentally. Dieting and restriction are often predominant reasons for overeating, bingeing, food obsessions, guilt around eating, emotional eating, food addictions and so forth.By using scientific research to back up all claims the author shows how something as a simple diet change and wanting to eat healthy can go too far and actually trigger eating disordered behaviors.

Also, the book offers a thorough explanation how to get out of this endless cycle and restore normal hunger signals and health. How to recover physically and mentally.

If you implement strategies outlined in this book you will:
- be able to eat when hungry and stop when full
- lose any need to overeat or binge
- be free from all food obsessions or stress around food
- restore normal healthy weight without even trying
- maintain a healthy weight without even having to exercise

If you want to experience any of this then this book is for you!