Author: Carol Sloan

Category: General Nonfiction

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Small Changes for Big Impact
We all make promises at some point in our lives to make a major change in our life to lose weight, get healthier, cut down on coffee and so on. But as we all know, change is difficult and looks easier on paper than in practice.
How many times have you wanted to start the year right and start exercising to lose weight? I know I’ve tried to do that every year and every year I’ve failed.
One of the main reasons for our failure is that we’re are trying to do too much too soon. For instance, we all know it’s not easy losing weight but instead of pacing ourselves, we decide that we are going to spend two hours at the gym directly after New Year’s and cut down our food consumption by 90%. That’s is nothing but a recipe for disaster and one that all of us are familiar with.
Instead, try making little changes in your life. Attempt one change per week and you’ll eventually see the difference. This is not a quick fix. Nothing worthwhile is. Instead, this is a journey which can embark on one step at a time by addressing nutrition, exercise and stress management.
Also included are suggestions for useful apps and templates that can be used to monitor your journey. If