Author: Kenna McKinnon

Category: Mysteries

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Annie Hansen, a young schizophrenic private eye, must solve two grisly murders in the small island town of Serendipity, Canada. A not-so-popular doctor, Dr. William Hubert, and the mayor of Serendipity, Rick Spacey, have both become victims of a gruesome murder. Handsome detective Mark Snow is called in to investigate, and he teams up with Annie to solve the murders. But Annie is haunted by her past, unable to overcome her mother's death and her father deserting the family. Things take a complicated turn when Annie, along with her boyfriend Samir, finds herself to be one of the suspects. What prompted the killings, and what is 'MASER', a cryptic message left on the doctor's charts? And is it possible that Annie, or one of her friends, is behind the horrendous crimes? Blood Sister is a uniquely courageous and quirky whodunit.