Author: M. L. Ray

Category: Fantasy

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Kath and Greg retire to a manor house in the middle of Greg’s secret property together with the rest of Greg’s household staff after their encounter with the spies. There is a talk of a war among the vampire kind, with Kath on the center of it. Kath doesn’t fully understand what her part is in this coming war and she is afraid of what is to come. Greg helps her try to understand things. Each day, Greg trains her. And each day, their love for each other deepens, their connection stronger than it is before. Kath tries to reach Greg’s mind but he shuts her away, severing any connection they has. The Ancients of the Vampire Council invite Kath to a meeting. The Ancients give her information about anything she wants to know. She learns so much more about her family and her own abilities.The frustration of not seeing and being with Greg pains her, cripples her. She tries to escape the house and go out to find Greg but Adrienne stops her. Before Kath speaks another word to Adrienne, a loud explosion causes both of them to fall down. Kath awakes in a dark room and the vampire Xalev faces her. She tries to entertain him because Greg is able to reach her mind and asks for the exact location she is in. Kath continues to describe the place she was in to Greg. Greg comes to her rescue and the two vampires fight each other. Kath helps Greg kill Xalev. Xalev dies because of a stab in the back and a bolt of black fire that eats flesh.


The days spent with Greg were the most happiest of Kath’s adult life and Kath couldn’t imagine life without him by her side.

But a monster from her nightmares came back for her, and Greg left her side just so he could protect her. Secrets about the mystery in Kath’s blood started to unfold, and a war brewed with each moment. As the vicious truth slaps her in the face, Kath must choose between staying hidden in her safe haven or going out and fighting alongside her beloved to protect what’s theirs, to preserve what they have and to end the horror that threatens to wipe out all of humanity.