Amazon recently rolled out a new feature for their Kindle e-books, called the Kindle in Motion.  The idea behind this new feature is to create another way for the book reading experience to be enhanced for the reader, while giving the author some more options when it comes to showcasing their story.  The enhancements, which are available for a limited number of titles right now, currently include animated covers, page backgrounds and video clips…
Any and all of these features will be embedded within the book to a varying degree.  To note, this feature is only available on the Kindle Fire, as well as the Kindle Apps for the Android, IPhone and IPad, and can be turned off if you do not end up liking the features disrupting your normal reading habit.

What Readers Can Expect From Kindle In Motion

This new feature within the books can open up a variety of new avenues for Kindle book readers to enjoy their stories.

The GIF animations can add more depth to the page of the story you are reading, as you could see an actual picture the emotions as you are reading them.  In addition, because there are various amounts of animations available, there is no telling what you might see within the story as you are reading it.  For example, if you are reading a romance novel, you could see hearts flutter across the top of your screen.  If you are reading a thriller, and a good guy throws a knife at a bad guy, you could literally see a knife being thrown across the page.

In addition to this, as you start each chapter, you might see a moving picture of the setting the author is ready to jump to, which will clue you in on where the story is heading.  Not only that, but the front cover of the book could also be animated, which can mean the front cover can now tell even more of a story, especially compared to what the standard flat cover offers you.  One other cool feature is the page background; instead of just reading a story with the typical white background, you could have pages which look like they have texture on them.  This extra dimension could lead you to believe you are reading a book off the shelf, rather than one on a tablet or a phone.

What Authors Can Expect From Kindle In Motion

For the author, the ability to add in animation and video clips will allow them to add extra clarity to their story, or even help them improve the story telling process.  Sometimes, seeing a picture is better than spelling it out in words, and now the authors will have the freedom to pick and choose a time to add in an animation which helps tell their story.

The author can also use the animations to plant an Easter Egg within the story, which could be very effective in certain genres, like mystery novels.  By adding in a video as well, the author can give a synopsis of the story, or use the video to give you extra background to the story.  By crossing these two mediums (print and media), the author is not bound to the limitations of what a book on the shelf offers you.  With Kindle In Motion, Amazon is leveraging the e-book arena, and starting to use the technology which is available to move the book writing and reading concepts forward.   The only limitation will be the author’s own imagination.

As this new feature continues to be explored, you can expect more titles coming out with these enhancements included.  Between the Animations, Video clips and Background Pages, there are limitless possibilities for an author to create a whole new reading experience for the reader.  How far the enhancement of stories goes solely depends upon how the authors use them in their stories, and how effective the reader thinks the enhancement is.  Only time will give us the answer to that question.

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