Author: Paige Powers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Blessings of Love (Western Love Story) is the sixth book in the Leap of Love series.Baxter is one of ten brothers. The Abbott boys from South Carolina are a close knit bunch. They love hard and play hard. Baxter is not unlike some of his brothers who have gone off to find a new life. The biggest difference is that Baxter has found his calling as a man of the cloth. He decides to follow his calling where it leads him- to Virginia City, NV, a tiny town that is not even found on the map.

Baxter knows that it will be a difficult journey, finding his way without the luxury of having family close by. He is willing to take his chances to build a new life. Taking a job as the new pastor for the community church, Baxter soon finds that he will have more than enough on his plate to keep him busy.

Noel Tyler is a good girl. Her family has endured much tragedy in her young years, and now after losing her father, the pastor of the community church, Noel is left to be the main caretaker of her sisters. She takes on the role, but soon finds that it does not leave much time for a love life or anything else.

Baxter and Noel find that they have much in common, but there are roadblocks along the way to forming their relationship. Baxter professes his love for Noel, but is she ready for him and the life that he can offer her or will she miss out on the blessings right in front of her?