AUTHOR: Amelia Jade

CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance



DEAL STARTS: 2016-08-19

DEAL ENDS: 2016-08-31



Description : He’s a half-breed granted the unnatural ability to shapeshift, troubled by the ghosts of those he has killed and hunted by the Agency and its masters, who have finally shown their faces.She’s a speed demon, a race-car driver who’s lost her job and her father. A search to find the man who gave life to her leads to King City, where a desperate war being waged in the shadows brings her into contact with an impossibly gorgeous shifter.

Justin Renne knows this beautiful, curvy woman is different from the others, and her need for speed matches his own in a way he never thought he’d find. But he has unintentionally pulled her into his world of death and brutal warfare with a firsthand introduction that should leave her scarred for life.

But Shay Lyon is made of sterner stuff than that. As his fight and her quest become inexorably intertwined, so do the pair and their future. In the end though, she’s a human in the midst of a war. Can he protect her from his life of violence, or will she end up as just one more nightmare that haunts him?


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