Author: Nancy Glynn

Category: Paranormal Romance

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After newly graduated Daisy Lock visits her aunt and uncle in a small, hidden town of Illinois, she’s coaxed into doing a favor. Daisy soon learns this town celebrates 21st birthdays like no other towns; they come with a dark price. When meeting Christian Stone, she encounters a man of many mysteries, more worldly than most young men his age. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to him, discovering desires she never knew existed and a connection that’s been sewn since childhood.Christian is tormented by decisions he must make and pleasing his father. He wants to protect Daisy not only from this town's true leader, but from himself. An evil presence lurks in the shadow of the town, in the disguise of a man behind a plan that’s been made long before Daisy’s birth.

Turning 21 has never been so powerful. The clock is ticking until Black 21.