Author: Nancy Glynn

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: August 07, 2015

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When Daisy Lock is asked to do a favor for a complete stranger, her instincts warn her to run. It's only a date for a 21st birthday ball...nothing too big, they say.When she meets the birthday boy, Christian Stone, she ignores his sensual, dark good looks. It's only a date for a birthday ball. One night. Nothing more. Nothing to fear.

They just have to get through the summer and part ways after the party is over.

Except for one thing...the town wants Daisy to stay forever. They have...other plans, plans that have been made long before her birth. An evil presence lurks in this small but prestigious town. A presence that dreams of Daisy, dreams of possessing her body and her soul.

Christian wants to protect Daisy not only from this town's true leader, but from himself. When she moves into Stone Manor, she begins to see changes in him as his birthday grows closer--dark changes…changes that force her to question who he really is.

Fear and love both fight to live in her heart.

She learns the truth of the history of this town. An ancient secret based on greed…based on sacrifice. Blood on money. A hidden family past. An inherited secret of who Daisy really is.

Time is running out. There's nowhere to hide. They want her to stay forever. Black 21 is almost here.