Author: Michelle Love

Category: Contemporary Romance

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An Alpha Billionaire Romance
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*Billionaire Romance Book 1*The Greek Billionaire’s Maiden

Leon Kostas is in love with Clara Accardi, who is Italian and the owner of a lucrative restaurant business in Italy.

Leon’s wife Galene died of cancer fifteen years ago and they have one son, Drakon Kostas who runs their business Kostas Shipping and Cruise Enterprises in Greece.

Drakon is wary about Leon’s decision to marry Clara and bring her over to Greece along with her daughter Angelica. He has many questions for his father and is convinced when his father says Clara is not after his money.

Leon proposes to Clara in real cavalier style and two weeks later Clara and Angelica leave for Greece.

The meeting of Drakon and Angelica is by an accident. They bump into each other at the supermarket or rather Drakon comes slap bang into Angelica.

The door bell rings and Angelica opens it to see the man who sent her reeling at the supermarket standing outside.

Leon comes to the rescue and introduced Drakon to Clara and Angelica.

Angelica steals glances at Drakon who is a handsome man.

A headache bring Drakon to Angelica’s room with a cup of strong tea. Things get heated up and they have steamy sex.

They invite Khristos Adriano a millionaire businessman who is selling his restaurant at the Athens Metro Mall. Khristos has a different woman in his bed every night. He eyes Angelica and makes a mental note of somehow luring her into his bed.

Drakon walks into Athens Metro Mall to speak to Khristos about the restaurant, when he sees Khristos and Angelica talking to each other. Without speaking to them, he leaves the mall furious with Angelica, who he feels is playing truant.

He confronts Angelica when she arrives home and they have a heated argument, after which Drakon leaves the house.

Angelica packs her suitcase and leaves for Italy swearing never to return to Greece again.

Will Drakon go after her? Will Angelica come back? Let’s read on……

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Warning: This book contains adult language, If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book but if you like some freaky dirty talk and panty-melting sex then download your copy now and enjoy!