Author: Weldon Mackey

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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From the Author: I felt led by the Holy Spirit to write and share this book, "Big D: The Ministry of Deliverance." The purpose of this book is to bring the body of believers together, for them to accept the Bible for what is says, and to put aside all false teaching and doctrine. This book contains numerous stories of "deliverance" in which I was involved. Many of the people for whom we prayed actually felt they were born-again, Bible believing Christians (including myself, when I was delivered). But the heresy and false doctrines that permeate this world have blinded us to the Truth, opening the doors for demons and unclean spirits. I hope you will read this book and see how important it is for you to completely surrender to God the Father, Jesus the Son, and God's Holy Spirit. He can then work in your life so that you can fulfill the mission for which you were truly created!