Author: Carmen Lace

Category: LGBT

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Cali Kennedy is a young, sexy, successful lawyer. One of Miami’s rising stars. She’s a very well-rounded young woman. Whether in relationships, with work, or with friends, she has everything under control. So one could see why, when she’s presented with a new case, one where she hadn’t met the client yet, she turns it down. She likes to know what she’s getting herself into, beforehand. But, when she finds a duffle bag full of money on her doorstep, she’s inclined to accept! Who knew that this case would be the start to a brand new life!Cali’s new client, Ingrid, is just as well rounded as she is. Unfortunately, she’s been backstabbed, facing jail time. All this while she’s trying to get her life back on track. Cali had a tough fight to fight. But with her emotions piled high, and the law on her side, she doesn’t see why she can’t beat the system and continue her life, with her new lover. What is Cali willing to do to save her client and new love? Will she go above and beyond...