Author: Faith Austen

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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She lost hope at finding love…The year is 1890

When Mail Order bride Beryl Anderson is informed that her betrothed Joseph Peterson has died in a mining accident, her journey to Kansas, plans to become a wife, and hopes of a family are over.

Beryl's life is one filled with ill-fortune and loss. A scandalous reputation, alcoholic father and tragic past, Beryl no longer sees a life for herself in Massachusetts. Even after losing the prospect of marriage, she decides to continue her venture to Kansas. Hoping she’ll find her purpose in life.

Beryl meets a strong handsome man. While everything she’s ever hoped and dreamed, is a ride away, danger lurks. Is he who she seeks?

What trials and tribulations await Beryl and will she overcome the obstacles that test her love, courage and faith?

Beryl became a mail order bride to find happiness and a purpose. But when it is seems to disappear, she must make a decision.

Hard working cattle rancher, Joseph Peterson is determined to give her the life she desires, but to do so, he must accept harsh truths about her. And ultimately, come to terms with truths about himself.

Their pasts are intertwined in deeper ways than they can imagine. How can they face their pasts? And will they ever realize the powerful bond they share? Does the future hold love and happiness or inescapable peril?

Join Beryl on her journey to Kansas to find out.