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Every year, as we approach the dark months of winter, Hindus all over the world celebrate Diwali, better known as the Festival of Lights. The celebrations are marked with the lighting of oil lamps everywhere, chalk paintings on everyone’s doorsteps, firecrackers, gift exchanges, new clothes, and best of all, lots of sweets. The main sweet of Diwali is Burfi.Served in bite sized pieces, burfi is the sweet of choice for most Indians. It comes in many different varieties. Since it is the most traditional sweet of Diwali, I decided to make a book of recipes including some of the varieties of burfi. Although milk, coconut and nut varieties have stood the test of time, there are several new flavors tantalizing taste buds these days. Pumpkin, mango and chocolate-based burfi, although not as traditional, are fast gaining a loyal following.I hope you enjoy this collection of recipes for this traditional Indian treat. Try some old and some new, and see what your taste buds love most. Then share them with those you love as you celebrate the heartwarming Festival of Lights.