Author: M.J. Bell

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Deston Lespérance grew up believing faeries and monsters were nothing but bedtime stories mother told their children. However, after his mother mysteriously vanishes and he stumbles into the mystical realm of Tir na-nÓg, he discovers the shocking truth—these beings are not only real, they hold the key to his future.
With his new found friend, Margaux, and Excalibur’s twin brother sword at his side, Deston races against time to find his mother and the Light Crystal before the full moon rises on the autumnal equinox. The odds are stacked against him and the obstacles he has to face push the limit of what a teenager from Pennsylvania is capable of handling: an attack by gremlin-like creatures; captured by 6 foot tall vampire bats; hunted by a giant wolf, and almost lost forever in the mist of Avalon, but Deston doesn’t give up. He can’t, for he vowed to do whatever it takes to bring his mother back, even if fight the devil himself if he has to. The thing is … when he made that pledge he had no idea his quest would bring him close to doing just that!