Author: Greg Parry PhD

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a wealthy and successful author? Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to transform an ambition to write into a stack of royalty cheques? The answers might surprise you because there's far more to successful writing than just hammering away for months on end at a computer keyboard. Successful writing is a science as well as an art and the principles are now available to aspiring authors everywhere. In this practical manual on the real methods of becoming a successful author, the principles of successful authorship are clearly identified and thoroughly explained by a bestselling author and business protégé, international writer, key-note speaker and business consultant, Greg Parry. In this long-awaited manual on successful writing, Greg shatters the myths of having to be brilliant to be successful, of having to be a genius to stand out and lays out the mechanics of building lasting success with your writing.Learn how to:Visualise your goalsCreate powerful affirmations to support your ambitionsBuild belief in your ability to succeedBreak your old, restrictive and limiting bad habitsEliminate the shadows of doubt and fearUnleash your creativityBecome better organised Draw on your inner geniusAccept more wealth and success into your life than you ever thought possibleThe principles of success are the same in any commercial enterprise and endeavour and successful writing is an enterprise that deserves your full support, commitment and creative focus. If you're serious about success and really want to turn your literary efforts into a regular and comfortable income stream, these are the methods that will reveal your hidden potential and your deeper capacity for wealth and fulfillment. Written and designed by an acknowledged expert in the field of realising human potential, this is a powerful and practical guide book that can put you firmly in control of your life, of your destiny and of your dreams of becoming a commercially successful author. The methods are essential for translating your dreams into reality.