Author: Thalia Filbert

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Sex. Love. Death. Food. Sometimes it's hard to tell where one impulse ends and the other begins.When a series of celebrity chefs are murdered in gruesome fashion, there's no shortage of motives for revenge. Faced with dozens of possible suspects, food blogger Jason Bainbridge and FBI agent Kimberly Douglas have no choice but to join forces. They combine their knowledge of the cooking scene and expertise solving crimes to track an unpredictable killer through a cut-throat world of fragile egos, kinky sex, delicious but sometimes deadly dishes, and simmering feuds that could explode into murder at any time.Come along on this "delicious over-the-top romp" through the kitchens of reality television and high-strung chefs as their egos get skewered... and quite a bit more. A rollicking parody of the classic Eat Pray Love.